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Jan 5, 2013 5:00am PST
know, investment in education, regardless whether it's through the public sector is actually really cheap. >> suzy. >> if you want to look at the distribution of this deal, there's one statistic that really just stands out to me which is if you look at income tax, .7% of all taxpayers will see a rise in their income tax. i mean, they pay a lot so their taxes will go up. but that is a tiny percentage of taxpayers that are going to see higher taxes and get more revenue from. you know, what's interesting about the distribution, what you see not just with the middle class and the poor, i guess on what the new yorker alec mcginnis calls the bethesda. if you look at those earning between $500,000,05 o00,000. they were the real winners. ultimately, the deal defines them as being middle class got off very well for themselves in this deal. >> you've got some of those folks in your -- >> yes, i did. >> and that was part of the debate between the president wanted 250. and the republicans who eventually forced it up to 400 or 450. there's no question about that. what i was going to say if you'r
Jan 12, 2013 5:00am PST
soaker. this is not real and the deficit is real. we can be talking about education, programs that are going to be cut and we're not doing it. >> the realness -- let's establish the realness here first. if they do go over -- if they don't vote to raise the debt ceiling, there will be consequences. >> absolutely. >> there's no disagreement about that, right? >> clearly. >> yeah. >> one of the arguments that republicans and sort of apologists for the house gop frequently make is that well, you know, this whole idea of a default and we've taken ten times more revenue every day than we pay in interest payments which is not technically true. there are days we don't take in as much revenue as there are interest payment that's day p it's a discussion about whether we're going to pay past promises or not. let's say we wer're not going t default on the system, we're a rich country debating are we going to honor our promise that's we've already made which is already preposterous. it's not this super soaker-nerf thing. it's a real threat of not paying our bills. this is a real situation. >> i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2